9-805. Criminal gang.

Section 9-805 – Criminal Gang

(a) A person may not organize, supervise, promote, sponsor, finance, or manage a criminal gang.
(b) A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 20 years or a fine not exceeding $1,000,000 or both.
(c) A sentence imposed under this section shall be separate from and consecutive to a sentence for any crime based on the act establishing a violation of this section.
Md. Code, CR ยง 9-805
Amended by 2020 Md. Laws, Ch. 422,Sec. 1, eff. 10/1/2020.
Amended by 2016 Md. Laws, Ch. 515,Sec. 2, eff. 10/1/2017.